The Ancient Wines Club 3-Bottle Subscription
The Ancient Wines Club 3-Bottle Subscription

The Ancient Wines Club 3-Bottle Subscription

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May, 2021


Conquest. Betrayal. Wild Frontiers. The Treasure of Kings.

Join us for newest edition of the Ancient Wines Club as we take you on a journey to ancient Dacia, located at Rome's farthest eastern borders, in roughly modern-day Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, and Moldova.

Long considered a thorn in the Republic of Rome's side, Dacia originally was no more than a loose collection of local tribes, until its unification into a vast, powerful, and wealthy kingdom.

Meet Dacia's fascinating leaders and unique figures of history, while discovering our club selection of incredible wines made from the very vineyards of Ancient Dacia as we dive into this often-neglected chapter of Europe's history.


The Ancient Wines Club is delivered every other month and features 3 incredible, hand-picked wines all with direct connections to the history, archaeology, and geography of the ancient Mediterranean world.

Along with our PhD-written detailed historical essays and expert wine notes, Ancient Wines Club Members also receive discounts on all future AWG wine purchases, discounted tickets to our wine seminars, and first-look access at exclusive special offers on hard-to-find "ancient wines." The club is priced at $75 per shipment, billed every other month.