Our Story

THE ANCIENT WINE GUYS all met working at a small wine shop in Berkeley, CA. Dr. Dana De Pietro and Dr. Jeff Pearson had become friends long ago working, studying, and excavating together in the Middle East as graduate students and budding archaeologists. Ti Ngo, also a historian, and Ryan Wihera met as customers of the wine shop that they would go on to manage together, and where Jeff and Dana later worked as well. Ancient Wine Guys was originally founded in 2017 to conduct fundraising events for S.H.A.R.E, a 501(c)(3) non-profit promoting peace in the Middle East through joint-cultural archaeological excavations. That was just the beginning: over the past five years, AWG has continued to grow, hosting over thirty events around the West Coast and consistently collaborating with and supporting other small businesses in the food and wine industries.

From the beginning, our flagship product has been the Ancient Wines Club, which allows us to share with an ever-wider audience the passion for wine, history, and storytelling that brought us together as friends. We select our club wines not only for their impeccable quality, but also for their unique links to the history, geography, culture, mythology, and stories of the ancient world. Since we have collectively spent decades as wine buyers, carefully curating selections for a range of customers and budgets, we aim to feature wines that both respect history and aspire to be part of making it. We source wines that provide context for our stories and we believe in offering only wines that are honest and well-made. We strive to avoid overtly "trendy" wines, always preferring those that showcase a sense of time and place.

We hope you enjoy!

- Dana, Jeff, Ti, and Ryan