The Ancient Wines Club

As professional archaeologists, educators, and wine professionals, we are dedicated to exploring the inspiring intersections of wine, history, mythology, and archaeology in the ancient world.

To share this passion, we present and produce the Ancient Wines Club, a bi-monthly wine club that promotes and explores the world of delicious, interesting, and historically-connected wines -- exactly the types that we regularly feature in our wine seminar events.

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The Ancient Wines Club is delivered every other month and features 3 wines with direct connections to the history, archaeology, mythology, and geography of the ancient Mediterranean world, along with detailed tasting and historical notes.  

Click here to view an example: the Introduction for Club #17: "Beyond the Danube: The Wines of Ancient Dacia"!  

 Other past Ancient Wines Club topics include the following, just to name a few...:

The Goddess & The Grape: The Wines of Demeter

Minerals & Monuments: Terroirs of Ancient Egypt

Conquest on the Waves: The Wines of the First Punic War

The Wines of Alexander the Great

The Wines of Orpheus, Musician of the Gods

Daughters of Memory: Wines of the Greek Muses

 Each club is billed at $75 per shipment, plus applicable taxes and shipping costs. 

Ancient Wines Club Features

  • 3 hand-selected, historically important, and delicious wines
  • PhD-written essays about the club topic's history, geography, and archaeology
  • Expert-level wine write-ups and pairing advice
  • A customized Ancient Wine Guys binder to collect and save your write-ups

Ancient Wines Club Benefits

  • 15% discount on all future wine purchases from Ancient Wine Guys
  • Discounts on all Ancient Wine Guys events and tastings
  • Exclusive access to wines imported specifically for Ancient Wine Guys

How It Works

Wines are billed and shipped at the beginning of every second month (January, March, May, July, etc.), and typically are shipped on the second or third week. 
Members can cancel or skip a shipment any time.
Please also let us know if you need us to hold or delay a shipment due to weather or travel.

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You must be 21+ years of age to sign up for the club. An adult signature and proof of age are required for delivery.
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