The Wines and Sites of the Panhellenic Games (March 16-24, 2024)

In March, the Ancient Wine Guys led a group of Ancient Wines Club members on an unforgettable eight-day tour of the four sites of the ancient Panhellenic Games - Isthmia, Nemea, Olympia, and Delphi - along with many other important archaeological sites and museums. We also explored both ancient and modern wine-making traditions, with visits to six incredible wineries, and enjoyed amazing Greek food and hospitality along the way! Stay tuned for information about the next Ancient Wine Guys tour, tentatively scheduled for summer 2025.

  • Visiting ancient Olympia, site of the Olympic Games, which were founded in 776 BCE.

  • Tasting the delicious wines of Troupis Winery during a tractor ride around the vineyards of Mantineia.

  • Delicious wine and introduction to Greek wines at Caravin Wine & Wanderlust in Athens.

  • Visiting the beautiful and inspiring vineyards of Muses Estate in Boeotia, where the incredibly rare Mouhtaro grape is exclusively grown.

  • Following in the footsteps of Heracles at ancient Olympia, whose track - according to legend - was laid out to a distance of 200 of Heracles' strides, equalling one "stadion," or "stade."

  • Touring the vineyards and enjoying excellent wines at Palivou Estate, just around the corner from the archaeological site of Nemea.